Why We Do It

Why We Do It…There’s A Million Reasons, But Here’s A Few:

Watch this video to see why MV4K is committed to helping families in need of mobility assistance vehicles nationwide

Stress. The burden of stress is greatly increased for parents and families of children with disabilities. A recent study (conducted at Boston University) found that mothers of adolescents and adults with autism had levels of stress hormones comparable to soldiers in combat.

Advocacy. EVERYONE has the right to personal mobility, but unfortunately, many people in need of mobility assistance vehicles don’t qualify, or aren’t aware that they may qualify for state, federal, or other funded assistance programs.

Finance. A specially designed mobility assistance vehicle can cost anywhere from $20-80K depending on the modifications needed. Making it difficult for lenders to accurately appraise the value of the vehicle creating inaccurate depictions of loan value, qualifications, usually ending in unrealistic monthly payments for the consumer.

Education. There is a wealth of information available, but it may not always be accessible. Studies have shown that parents and caregivers given the tools to improve self-efficacy through education and resources are more apt to provide proper care for children with disabilities or limitations.

Time. There are only so many hours in a day. Families should be able to use it creating memories and cherishing the many wonderful and marvelous things life and love can offer.

MV4K accepts and appreciates all cash donations!

MV4K accepts new and used mobility assistance vehicle donations!