Why We Do it

There’s A Million Reasons, But Here’s A Few

Mobility Vans for Kids came to our lives at the right time for the perfect reason. Simon, 16 years of age now, was growing and getting bigger and taller, every time my wife Diana or myself had to transfer him from the car to the wheelchair or vice versa we are at the edge of getting injured or hurting Simon, our financial situation made it too difficult to afford an adapted minivan for Simon, so Claudy another Mom from Simon’s school mentioned MV4K and we approached them, explained our situation and the magic started to happen, one month later we were approved for an adapted Mini Van that was in our budget and it was brand new. Our life changed from that day on!!!”

Mejia Family

Juan Mejia (Dad), Diana Ramirez (Mom), Simon Mejia (Child)

Thank you MV4K! This month marks the one-year anniversary since we’ve received our MV4K modified for accessibility Dodge Grand Caravan! We are so very grateful and thankful to you for helping us, as we could not have afforded this vehicle without your assistance. Tashal’ dad, Didier, had a stroke in 2019 which left his left arm partially paralyzed. Before having this modified vehicle, Didier had a lot of trouble transferring Tashal in and out of our old vehicle because of his left arm paralysis. With this accessible vehicle Didier is happily capable of taking his son anywhere by himself for a boy’s time together! That is priceless! Thank you for the bottom of our hearts!

Claudy Caidor (Mom), Didier Maes (Dad), Tashal Maes (Child)

I cannot tell you how much our life changed since we received your generous donation of a wheelchair van that we can actually afford. We go to places that we were not able to go before, we even go to a drive on the beach, ta daaa!!! I am also do not have to wear my back-brace anymore, that I was permanently wearing because of the beating on my lower back suffered on daily basis because constantly lifting a heavy wheelchair and child in and out of a not accessible vehicle. Without your generosity, as a single mom, there would be NO WAY that I could ever afford a life changing accessible vehicle that we truly enjoy. We have actually now formed a MV4K club now.  Forever thankful.  ❤

Bella (Mom) and Jax (Child) Karacsony

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