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Mobility Vans for Kids – “Together We Ride”.

Mobility Vans for Kids, LLC a subsidiary of the Castro Family Foundation Inc., a 501(C)(3) Private Operating Foundation.

Mobility Vans for Kids (MV4K) provides low cost mobility assistance vehicles to qualified families of children with disabilities. We believe the idea of safe mobility is a right that everyone should be able to exercise regardless of disability or financial limitations. As any parent of child with disabilities will tell you, the time and effort required to accomplish everyday tasks with mobility challenges can be daunting; leaving a child (and parents) with little energy to experience the many wonders and opportunities of our world. MV4K is committed to creating and facilitating an easier journey for those opportunities of wonder to be enjoyed.

Mobility Vans for Kids strives to provide not only a safe and reliable mobility vehicle to individuals and families in need, but also the necessary tools to find funding solutions to each unique situation or scenario our applicants may face. With access to information, resources, and most importantly advocacy, we are confident that together we can move toward providing children with the wheels to thrive.

The MV4k Mission

How MV4K Started

Mobility Vans for Kids initial funding was provided by the Castro Family Foundation. The Castro Family Foundation was started in 1999 with a primary focus of helping children living with disabilities, hunger, and homelessness. In 2019 the Castro Family, for many reasons determined “writing checks” was not enough and instead wanted to develop programs that met its mission. Mobility Vans for Kids (MV4K) is the foundation’s first program! Although the Castro Family Foundation is small, it believes by making a difference in the lives of children, it receives much more than it gives. Our hope is that over time providing mobility vehicles to families of children with disabilities will allow the foundation to expand its programs into other areas of need.

The Castro Family’s primary inspiration is Samantha Marie Castro. “Sami” was born in 1996 with a rare disease called Ataxia-Telangiectasia or A-T that attacks children causing progressive loss of muscle control, immune system function, and a high rate of susceptibility to various cancers. Samantha serves on the MV4K board.

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Check out the donations page for more information on cash donations, as well as donating a new or used mobility assistance vehicle.


Visit the applications page for more information regarding the qualifications and application process for MV4K awards.


Proudly partnered with MobilityWorks to allow for a fast and easy award process across the entire United States. If you would like to find out more information on becoming a partner with Mobility Vans for Kids send inquiries to [email protected].